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Welcome Back Party

A catered buffet will be served at this year's welcome.  

You can join the party from 5:30 to 8:30PM on Saturday, Nov. 9th at the Lancelot.  

Music will be by David Frost.

Cost to members is$26.50 and Guests or non members is $31.50.


Please read the CC&R's.  You can find them in PDF form on the CC&R page.  

We all need to be familiar with the covenants and restrictions associated with our neighborhood.

Information about our HOA

While the complete Covenants, Conditions and restrictions can be read on the CC&R page of this website, we will take the opportunity to highlight some important maintenance restrictions here in this space. 

Subject matters addressed will change from time to time.

Our goal is to maintain an environment that not only provides an excellent homeowner's experience but also maintains standards that enhance our property values.

(Please see the actual documents for the entire language.)

Article II: Section 5  Signs

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No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on the properties without prior written consent of the Board, except real estate signs not to exceed 6 sq. feet.  The board on behalf of the association will have the right to erect appropriate signs on the common area.  The board may remove signs that are placed in violation of the covenant..

Misc. Matters from Page 12. Architectural Matters

Commercial vehicles, boats or trailers may not be parked in a driveway, on a street or common area for more than 48 hours.

RVs may park for a perod of 48 hours only to prepare for departure or return.  Guests may not occupy RVs that are parked at any time.

Important info for new residents!!
                 click on PDF below

Effective September 1, 2019 the Trash Compactors along Camelot & Burnway will now ONLY be available for use by "Residents of the Condominiums". Each Condo Resident will have their own access code to open up new gates to these two areas to compact their trash. 

Cameras will remain in place to record any unauthorized access / use of these Trash Compactors.

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