Oct 19

Who is responsible for following up on this rule?

Architectural Matters

Commercial vehicles, boats or trailers may not be parked in a driveway, on a street or common area for more than 48 hours.

RVs may park for a perod of 48 hours only to prepare for departure or return.  Guests may not occupy RVs

Oct 20

The HOA Board should address the issue with the homeowner. However, any resident can certainly bring the issue up to the homeowner, or bring the violation to the attention of the board to be addressed. The full content of the covenants, conditions and regulations can be accessed on the CC&R's page of this website.

7 days ago

Thank you for your reply. Would you have the current contact information for all board members? I understand there is a charge to receive emails and I chose not to receive, but I would like to have the current information. Thank you!

6 days ago

Contact information for all board members is available on the Board Member page of this website. Thank you.

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