from left to right:    Tom Leiser  *  Henry Corns * Lynn Lies  *   Fayette Carpenter * Alan Conkey * Pete Johnson   (Susan Martin not shown)

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Henry Corns, President                                                                                    421-4069

Tom Leiser, Vice President                                                                            919-302-2644

Fayette Carpenter, Secretary                                                                       422-0390

Alan Conkey, Treasurer                                                                               419-9372

Pete Johnson, Engineering                                                                                            422-3909

Susan Martin, Administration                                                                          353-6494

Lynn Lies, Architectural                                                                                                   421-2893             

News from the board


Our last meeting was held early in December during which we discussed several items.

    The budget was discussed for the upcoming year.  In particular regarding the necessary repairs to the pool.  

    Reminders to clean driveways, etc. will be posted to the website.

     An information page will be delivered to all homes to provide information on the website.

    A summary of all board meetings will be posted to the website.

Our last Board Meeting was held Jan. 8th at the Lancelot.  

We set the date for the annual meeting.  It will be held on February 11th at 9:00 am.  

  The Proxy form was reviewed for correctness.

   The pool surface repair was discussed.  It is felt that the pool will be closed for approx. one week in June.  Definite time frames will be known later.

  Treasures report and 2020 budget was approved.


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